Decorative Nursery Ceilings

While searching through nursery ideas, I’ve come across some extravagant examples! It seems I’ve forgotten that nursery decorating can go beyond the baby blue walls, it can go up to the ceilings, decorative ceilings that is! For a fancier feel, I’ve been researching companies that can provide lunette architecture. Lunette architecture is half-moon shaped space created with a rounded arch. Barrel vaults from Archways & Ceilings seem to fit the bill!

Can you imagine having this ceiling? Maybe for the next nursery ;)

Can you imagine having this ceiling? Maybe for the next nursery ;)









Before I made this commitment, I did look into some other ceiling ideas that I would love to share with you. Here’s what I found:

A Nature Inspired Ceiling

Create the look of wood with woodgrain printed wallpaper or laminate stickers. The rustic look is in, but it can be accomplished without using real wood!

A Starlit Ceiling

A starlit ceiling creates a relaxing feel for both the baby and the parents. Different types of projectors can make these twinkling lights appear above your head, almost like you’re actually outside!

An Accent Ceiling

Who says ceilings have to be plain white? An accent ceiling helps to provide a pop of color or a little design to the room. My favorite is blue and white stripes for a baby boy’s room!

Circus Themed

For a whimsical circus themed room, make the ceiling look like the inside of a circus tent!


Hanging Decorations

Whether it’s a chandileir or decor that matches a specific theme, hanging decorations can really dress up the room.
Examples: butterflies, paper lanterns, a baby mobile, a kite, toy airplanes.

A Fun Light Fixture

You should have no problem finding an adorable light fixture that’s suitable for a baby’s nursery. I’ve seen various shapes and characters.
My Top Picks: the sun, a frog, a hot hair balloon.


While your baby is lying in his or her crib, they will have something beautiful to look at. The options are limitless!

Enjoy this video :)

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